How do you know when you have a gambling problem?

Responsible Gambling Online Slots

Being aware of gambling issues is crucial to enjoy online slots. This is because gambling is addictive. Gamblers get a thrill or high from gambling and may continue to play even if they are losing.

This leads to loses, deplete savings and even commit fraud in order to support their addiction. Learn how to play responsibly. Get all the advice that you can so you can stay in control when playing online slots in UK.

Online Slots are for Entertainment only

Treat online slots as a form of entertainment.  Keep it fun when playing online. That’s why some slot machines have incredible 3D animations; games have realistic and brighter images because a casino is a part of the entertainment industry.

Do not go with a mindset of winning all the time because you will be disappointed. Majority of gamblers actually lose money hence gambling online slots is not way to pay off your debts or get rich quickly.

Expect to win and lose money. When you lose cash, take it as a cost of your entertainment and your winning as a bonus.

Have a fixed Budget to Gamble with

You should be in complete control when spinning the wheels of online slots. Fix certain amount of cash to gamble, limit the time you spend on an online casino, and do not chase your losses.

Set a budget & time limit and stick to it.  Only gamble with your extra cash, not money budgeted for day to day living expenses.  Never wager on credit; you should never borrow money in order to play online slots.

How to recognize signs of gambling problem

If you exhibit the following signs, visit Gamcare site or call this no, 0808 8020 133. This is a national gambling helpline free in UK. Their service is available 24 hours a day.   Here are gambling addiction symptoms.

  • Gambling until you lose all your cash
  • Your mind is always occupied with gambling
  • Your gambling habit has caused loss of your job, educational opportunity or relationship
  • You often sell your possession or borrow money from your friends and family members in order to play casino games
  • You hide your gambling activity from your family and friends
  • You chase your loses in order to recover the cash that has been lost
  • You gamble for long periods of time often staying away from home or job
  • You suffer from mood swings, have anxiety or are depressed when you lose
  • You sometimes commit fraud and engage in other criminal activities in order to finance your gambling

Take the necessarily steps to control your gambling habits. There are gambling therapy apps that you can download on your phone and will help keep your addiction in check. They have live support, self-assessment questionnaire, tips and advices to as to stay in control.

Additional Tips for Responsible Gambling

  • You can walk away when you win or lose
  • Never gamble when depressed or stressed
  • Choose an online casino like the ones we support that provide responsible gambling tools such as session time alert,  limits and wagering limits
  • Determine your stop loss and stop win
  • Set a budget for gambling
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